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Lost/Stolen item from LEGO @ Home shipment :(


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I just have to vent a little... I saw the Star Wars Hans Solo metal Keychain on the site and new I had to make an order to get that beauty. So I order $105 bucks worth of stuff just to get the keychain. See the box on my front step and bring it inside. Go to open it and notice the tap on one end at the bottom is lifted off the box... get a dreadful feeling in my guts. Sure enough, everything but the keychain is in the box. Shipping slip says it was in there. Made a claim with FedEx but what do you put on it for value?! Called LEGO and they of course don't have any left, best she could offer was 2000 VIP points. I really only wanted the keychain.


Just sad :(

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2 minutes ago, scythanith said:

Ok so an update. LEGO found another keychain (says imported for LEGO Mexico on the box) and shipped it to me! It's freakin' heavy and completely awesome... couldn't be happier with their customer service!

Good on ya LEGO.

By far, LEGO Customer Service has always been the BEST CS I've ever experienced.

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