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75021 - Republic Gunship

Darth Lego

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So I have $130 worth of gift cards to target. Should I wait for it to go on sale or should i just get it now. This set is for me to make not an investment.

I got the Gunship 2 weeks ago and I really like it. It is a well designed set and the minifigures are superb. I would recommend you check out the following reviews.

FBTB.org Review

Brickset.com Review

Eurobricks.com Review

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I saw fhe gunship at Target yesterday and it was very hard to resist the urge to buy it right then. I haven't built a gunship yet. I would prefer to build 7676 but it's hard to justify $300 when the new one is half price. Anyway I didn't buy it because I'm waiting for the Sept. LEGO Shop at Home offers. I reeeeally want as many micro bus polybags as I can get :)

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What about 75020 Sail Barge at 70?  Better choice?


I might also be able to get Falcon 7965 at 75, which seems like a no brainer as its MSRP is 20 dollars higher.


I like the Sail Barge better at $70 than the RG at $70 but I'm not backing the truck up on the Sail Barge either for similar reasons.  I'll probably grab a couple, but they're not retiring in awhile so there's time on both of these.

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The sail barge isn't worth it either until we know what happens with the set. Buy one to build.


Big pplus for the sail barge is Max Rebo though. He is a pretty sweet figure.

Where are getting these deals BTW? :)


I would guess B&N with membership discount and 1-2 coupons stacked, but that's purely speculation.

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Okay so here's the live rankings:


1. Lion Temple

2. Gun Ship

3. Sail Barge

4. Malevolence


Where would you put the Pirate Ship Ambush?   Assume all five are 70 dollars.


Last question: where would you put Helm's Deep at $106 in the above list?  This is really helping, thanks.

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