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When Does FedEx charge your account?


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I recently used FedEx to ship a large package.  The process of dropping it off is a story in itself.  In short, sneaking past a gate, going into 2 buildings where no one was working and then walking all over to find someone was quite the experience.  With that said, when will I get charged for the package?  I did not know when you print online it is supposedly an estimation?  How do I even find out how much the total shipping will be? I do not even see any record of me printing the label in my FedEx account.  The package has been picked and is on the way to the customer.

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5 minutes ago, iahawks550 said:

When it's delivered. I've also found that rounding up on measurements is a must, most of the time. Otherwise, you get a surprise. it can be found on Ebay under billing, or something similar.

Transaction was made outside ebay.  I thought for measurements you can round down?  Weight you round up?

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