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How to start collecting

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Hi all,

New member. First time poster.

My 9yo daughter is quite fond of LEGO. I recently realised that she really enjoys playing with the LEGO afterwards.
This got me to try and introduce her to free building which she's been thoroughly enjoying so far, making an Animal Crossing based island.

With that in mind, I'd like her to have more LEGO to work with.
She currently has a metric tonne of FRIENDS based LEGO so that's what she's working with.

I guess I'm looking for a few tips/pointers please:

  • What's the best way to start someone in freebuild and how can I support her?
  • Are there specifics sets/boxes/block packages that I can buy her that will help?
  • What resources can she use as a 9yo to help with ideas?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Welcome to the group. The best way to get your child started in freebuilding is to build with them. Have an idea and have them join you in the build . Have them suggest an idea and support them in the building of it and eventually they will take over. I would have you child pick out a set they really like to build and get a Creator box aswell and use it to expand and add it to the set. As a father to three daughters I can tell you that building along side of them really is time well spent. They see you building and they will want to join in.

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