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***Selling LARGE Lot - Chicagoland Area***


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Hey Everybody, 

I'm looking to sell my lego collection as a whole lot. All of the sets listed are NEW and in great condition. All Sets are already boxed in Home Depot Moving boxes, labeled and ready for pick up.  I have a price in mind but am really open to quite a bit. Really looking for somebody who sells on Amazon so we can both make the most out of the deal. 

Please Message me with any questions or interests!

Here is a link with all sets. I have labeled an average of the last 5 ebay sold new prices, and the current lowest amazon prime price. 


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5 hours ago, ichiroll said:

You might want to consider posting this on Facebook Lego groups as well.

As I'm sure you know, might want to set your expectations low for what you can get.  i.e. like 30-40% off eBay prices?


Do you know any names of any of specific the pages on facebook. I had a deal pretty done pretty much done and then the person just stopped texting me back. And yup, I'm not expecting to get nearly close to ebay prices or anything crazy. 

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I would just do a search and request to join some of the higher member and post count groups.

I personally am in Lego only Sale in USA, Lego Trading, Selling, and Buying USA, and a few others.

Hopefully you get a hit and find someone local and can work that way.

Because everyone is pretty much versed in buying and selling, you won't get maximum dollar for it, but you'll probably be able to move it all in one shot as long as it's priced right.

Goodluck! (and sorry to hear about the deal that fell through)

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