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Any good cheap shelves?

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Right now I have a few garage shelves for storing LEGO. The problem is they are only 16 inches deep so a lot of the bigger sets either hang off a lot, or don't fit between the shelves at all if they are too tall. I've been trying to find some deeper shelves but most of them are quite expensive as they are made from metal and meant to hold thousands of pounds of tools and garage equipment on them.

Before I just build my own, has anyone managed to find some cheaper shelves that work well for the majority of sets out there?

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43 minutes ago, fuzzy_bricks said:

The 24" deep muscle racks are kind of the standard.  They go on sale for $50-$60 from time to time.



Thanks. I was looking at either those or these from Home Depot

Looks like the Home Depot ones are cheaper per inch at normal price, but the Walmart ones are a better value if I can catch them on sale; especially since they have adjustable shelves. Guess I'll wait a little bit and see if they go on sale soon.


EDIT: Actually the Muscle Racks are on sale at Home Depot for $63 right now. Too lazy to do math at the moment but I'm pretty sure that makes them either cheaper or pretty much the same per square inch as the HDX, plus they are adjustable. So I'll just grab them now I guess.

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I make my storage shelves from three of these Freestanding Shelving Unit End Frame at Menards https://www.menards.com/main/p-1444448764473.htm and buy precut 2'x8' 1/2" OSB and lay them across and screw them down, I use a piece of scrap trim as a diagonal brace. Basically my goal was as much shelving for as little time and money as possible. The OSB sags a bit under the weight, but it's still solid. I store all my Lego sets in larger cardboard boxes for protection from moisture and dust. I wouldn't recommend OSB if you're putting the sets directly on the shelves though.


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54 minutes ago, brickohaulic said:

I always get the metal ones with adjustable shelves and roller wheels to easily move shelves around. 

Similar to these Costco ones. They go on sale from time to time. 

If you put a premium on ideas that make this game easier then follow above advice; the wheels allow me to access sets yet pack tight in a way no shelf or closet ever will.

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