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40346 - LEGOLAND


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Ha, that's because they come packed in 3's in a shipper, and if you buy three they save on labor, boxes and shipping.   Smart... not typical, but smart.  I bought three when they first offered them at $64 just before the race to the bottom.  Not that great of a set... my kids didn't even finish building it.


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20 hours ago, $20 on joe vs dan said:

not technically cross posting as this is a Target lie and not a TLG lie.  but I get it...I'll lay low for awhile

Well, it is interesting that Lego allowed their Legoland themed sets to begin with to be sold in Target, so they both share the blame. But, I also believe it to be a low-key push to advertise their parks.

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On 4/19/2021 at 4:53 PM, $20 on joe vs dan said:

how can they label it as "Only at Target" when obviously available also at LEgolands?

for some reasons these types of things irks me

Legolands are back under LEGO's ownership.  All store "exclusives" have always also been sold by LEGO.

Perhaps these were always meant as exclusives for Target but LEGO couldn't produce enough of them to fulfill Target's order.

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