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I go to garage and yard sales quite a bit and I have had some amazing finds so I thought I'd tell you all about them. A couple years ago I went to a small yard sale at a ramshackle house and after digging around, I found 2 Huge bags of LEGO. Trying to keeping my heart rate down, I went and bought them for $5. I went home a sorted through them a found 12 road baseplates, a plethora of mid 1990s city sets, and a lot of minifigs. About 10 months ago,I was at a car show and I went over to the ''swap meet'' section, and I spotted a man with a huge bin of random toys. After rooting around for a while, I found a sand green piece, a orange shark windshield, and a lot of other great and HTF pieces, I bought all for $3. Now my greatest find came in September. I was at a Nashville flea market and there was a guy there with a basket of minifigs in small plastic bags. I bought a Bespin Guard, Emperor Palpatine, General Greivous , some assorted aliens, and a sand green roof piece for $12. Then I walked ten feet to another booth and bought a huge duffel bag of assorted Castle,Pirates and System bricks for $20. Let me know about your finds and what you think of mine in the comments.

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I haven't really looked. Basically for the same reason I don't look at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. I feel you could check dozens of places and if you are lucky find maybe one thing. Then again it is the thrill of searching I like so maybe this summer I will try out my luck at some garage sales and such.

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