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Selling Empty Lego Boxes

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What are your personal experiences selling EMPTY Lego boxes locally and/or eBay?

How do you ship EMPTY boxes?  Flattened?  Sandwiched?  Unflattened and boxed?

How do you list and charge for shipping?  BIN?  Bid?

Thank you for your time.  😎

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I've never sold a empty lego box, but I did once sell a empty Nintendo64 box with original booklets, all the way to Australia lol.

I just sent it built inside another box.

However, this only made sense as I got something ridiculous for it (I think it was like £30 or £40).

Unless set is a big rare set or vintage, I dont think the average box will go for much, but then again I never expected someone would buy a N64 box, I just searched for ebay prices before I almost chucked it in the bin.

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You are kidding, right? I'm seeing used vintage sets being sold (here in Europe) for almost DOUBLE the price a normal used set without box simply because they came with a cool looking box from the 80s/90s.

Someone is hoarding A LOT of used sets with box from BrickLink, and unfortunately it isn't me :(

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