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Long story short... I just had my LEGO account frozen and reinstated by the LEGO Sales Support Team for a LEGO set I bought off of EBAY months ago. The item came directly from LEGO.com. LEGO discovered that this set was drop shipped by a crooked seller on EBAY. I had to provide proof that the set was bought on EBAY and that I wasn't the thief using a stolen credit card. The LEGO Sales Support staff was very helpful and I spoke with them for awhile about the issue. Basically, it is a huge issue and buyers need to be aware of the situation. LEGO is working on stopping 3rd party sales, if it hasn't already. They want the buyers to take notice of where the LEGO sets they buy on EBAY are coming from. If it is directly from LEGO, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Target, etc...and the shipper's address is different from the address on the EBAY listing, the item is most likely dropped shipped and was paid for with a stolen credit card. They told me that I should notify the LEGO Sales Support Team and/or EBAY Customer support to see if the listing is legit. It sounds like a pain in the @$$(and it is!), but this is the only way we as buyers can help stop these crooked sellers.

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