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21163 - The Redstone Battle


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On 5/20/2020 at 1:19 AM, donbee said:

Is MC Dungeons a Diablo-like game?

Basically, though "simplified" from what I have seen so far between the closed beta some months back and the more recent reviews popping up. There are not any character classes to start with, stats gained from leveling up, or skill trees to root through. Instead you begin with a blank avatar (custom skins can be used I think) and search through different areas finding random loot and/or gear of varying rarity with their own stats and perks. Of which said perks can be upgraded using points gained from typical leveling up. Now no need to worry about spending hard-earned points on early gear; you can easily scrap any upgraded item to get those back for something else. Also I have noticed when it comes to attacking, you either hit something or don't. There are no random dice rolls involved (99% accuracy/dexterity yet somehow still miss).

As for everything else in short, yes.

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