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Buying 100 lbs. Of bulk bricks @ $3/lbs no figs but color seperated

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Hey guys

   What do u guys think is a good price to buy bulk bricks. Sorted with no minifigs. And bulk with mixed sets and some minifigs? I've been buying the latter at $4lbs all day long. But never sorted bulk with no figs. Advice please.




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I have never bought or sold bulk but that is my next step in selling off my collection once I finish making sure my built sets are 100% complete. I thought I read on here that $4/lb was the going rate but I now see someone offering $10/lb. Has the rate for bulk gone up crazy like the rest of the market?  I have boxes and bins full of clean new bulk that I would love to sell at this price.

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It all depends. You can take the time to part it out and go through Bricklink or Brickowl, but selling in bulk is always a crap shoot. Separating by color or element can also help.  You sometimes get lucky but often after taxes and fees get very little profit. I cannot for the life of me understand how or why some buyers drop massive amounts of money on Shop Goodwill bulk lots. Used to be able to pick up a lot of minifigures and sets and tons of bulk bricks for pennies on the dollar. Now it's like paying a premium to sort through someone's trash. 

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