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New Frank Lloyd Wright models by LEGO Architecture founder Adam Reed Tucker


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Long-time fans of the LEGO Architecture series are probably familiar with Adam Reed Tucker, since he founded the LEGO Architecture series in 2007 in partnership with The LEGO Group.  Adam designed 16 sets in the LEGO Architecture series, and helped write the book LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide

I recently noticed (on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's website) that Adam designed three nice looking models based on iconic Frank Lloyd Wright buildings which have not been included in the LEGO Architecture series yet...



Martin House (1904, Buffalo, NY), 1961 pieces.



Taliesin West (1937, Scottsdale, AZ), 1763 pieces.



Unity Temple (1908, Oak Park, IL), 912 pieces.


All three models are designed using common LEGO Elements, so you can try to re-create them from the photos if you like.  I particularly like the model of Taliesin West, with it's angular roof-line of alternating white and dark red stripes.

In full disclosure: All three models are available for sale through his new company The Atom Brick, but the kits do not include LEGO Bricks.  Instead, they come with parts supplied by LOZ, which are 3/4 the size of LEGO bricks, but have the same shapes and proportions.

Because I love seeing beautiful Architecture models, I reached out to Adam to learn a lot more about the models, his passion for Architecture, and his decision to create a new company in order to create these sets.  I interviewed Adam and wrote an article about these models on my website—It's an interesting read for anyone who loves the LEGO Architecture series like I do!

—Tom Alphin


LINK TO ARTICLE: brickarchitect.com/2020/adam-reed-tucker-the-atom-brick/


P.S.  I definitely have mixed feelings that these nice looking models aren't available with LEGO Bricks.  What do you think of the models?

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