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Looks like they're taking a page out of the Polly Pocket book, literally.  Reminds me of pop-up books and there are what I would call "microdolls"?  Very interesting.

If this Disney "book" idea catches on these could end up being highly collectible.  All the books, all the microdolls, completionists dream.



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3 hours ago, Mark Twain said:

The trend appears to be smaller and cheaper sets for a younger audience between 5-9ish across most themes which is interesting shift away from larger more expensive sets.

I would bet that the demographic most apt to pay full price on toys throughout the year are the shoppers looking for a $15-$20 birthday gift for 5-8 year olds.

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21 hours ago, Brystheguy said:

There's like 40 actual lego pieces in that thing. Kind of lame from that perspective as there's not much room to do something else with it.

Four "books" ranging in piece count from 100-170ish.  Looks like they are hinged together by technic pins.  Kids can mix and match covers.

I wonder if LEGO is aiming at a lower age because the whole "princess" phase is fairly short.  At age 4, the kids are still trying to figure out what they like.  By age 10/11 my daughter was already moving away from princess stuff.

I could see parents getting all four "books" for their children and although I would consider $20 a bit high for what you get, it's a relatively easy buy-in for parents.  Kind of at that "birthday party" price range too.

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I couldn't find anything listed on the forum already so here goes: 




LEGO Disney 43174 Mulan’s Storybook

LEGO Disney 43174 Mulan’s storybook

LEGO Disney 43176 Ariel’s Storybook

LEGO Disney 43176 Ariel’s storybook

LEGO Disney 43177 Belle’s Storybook

LEGO Disney 43177 Belles storybook



I like the concept of those storybooks. Those microdolls look good. 



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1 hour ago, BP said:

I couldn't find anything listed on the forum already so here goes: 

You missed the Frozen storybook ;)

42 minutes ago, Imsorad said:

I hope that they have a lot more than this planned for the next year. I'm a sucker for the park attractions. 

I am thinking these are just for early Spring 2020, more to come later

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So strange to me how so many sets have scaled back in terms of piece count and overall size.  The old tower was a great set.  This thing looks like it's missing so much.  
However, if it's anything like the old $40 set that sold for $200, I'm in for 100!

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