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New Member - Architecture and Star Wars

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  Like many kids, Lego was part of my young childhood.  I recall having drawers full of it and as an only child I would play with them by myself.  As I entered my teenage years I stopped and never thought about it again.  As I grew older it resonated with me as a hobby for nerds and and children only.   Fortunately, at 31 I have unexpectedly bcome passionate about Lego again.

  One day I was in a shopping mall in Shanghai, my girlfriend and I randomly picked up an Empire State Building set and built it together.  We had a great time and I was impressed by the changes since I last touched one two decades ago - such as the more mature theme, numbered packs and the introduction in the booklet.  After completing the set, I immediately got completely hooked!

  As a result, since September I purchased 37 Lego Architecture sets – all the landmarks (except duplicates) and 6 factory employee limited editions but no mansions - yet.  It looks amazing as they will be housed in a customised glass shelf shortly.

  As I got close to completing Architecture landmark set collection, I went on to discover the awesome Star Wars series - especially UCS.  I was always a huge Star Wars fan so of course I could not stop myself going on another binge.  Since November, I purchased 28 Star Wars Lego sets of only spaceships and machines - 18 of them UCS.  Unfortunately, my current apartment has no space so I will build and display them when I move to a bigger apartment.  Meanwhile I will keep them safe in a storage room.

  It was interesting to use Taobao and Xianyu for all purchases - which is the equivalent of North America's eBay and Craigslist.  There seems to be a massive and vibrant Lego audience in China.  Of course, some sets were extremely pricey as I only wanted the best of boxes even if I was opening them.  I like the packaging and will keep all of them.

  My plan going forward is to continue collecting all Architecture landmark sets (maybe start building all the mansions) and to continue buying any new Star Wars UCS sets or any normal spaceships/vehicles that I like.

  I just joined this forum for more information and insight on Lego and that was my short introduction. 




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