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Looking for offers on 8 Lego Dioramas from Toys R Us


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Hey everyone, I am looking to sell my Lego Dioramas from my Toys R Us life. I have 8 in total. Some Retired or soon to be retired sets. I am going to list the contents and post some pictures but I really want to work out a fair price for all involved. These things are worth what we agree they are worth as they say. I am located in Palm Harbor Florida. The big ones are going to be a bear to ship so keep shipping in mind please, we all know shipping is not actually free. If there is an interested party in Florida I have a van and free time so we can probably work out a nice deal. I will also say ahead of time that they all have working LED lights and they are in full working order. Although I have never opened any of the cases I can assure you that they are held together by an adhesive of some kind so if you are looking for bricks to build with these are not going to be for your specific needs. They are purely decorative and they are an investment opportunity. They are considered rare, they are from an iconic retailer that is no more, even if they do reappear, they wont be the same. The lego product itself doesnt even have a speck of dust on it as it has been in an acrylic box its entire life. Assembled by LEGO for Display and set to be destroyed upon completion of that task but out of the depths of the fires of hell rise the few that were saved by a brave soldier who said "LIKE HELL We are throwing these out, I want this one, you take that one... COOL? Cool!

Here they are:

1 : LEGO Friends 46Wx18Hx16D Contains Sets 41116 / 41120 / 41121 / 41122

2 : LEGO City Coast Guard  46Wx18Hx16D Contains Sets 60012 / 60013 / 60014

3 : LEGO City Coast Guard and Jungle Explorers  46Wx18Hx16D Contains Sets 60161 / 60166 / 60167

4 : LEGO Friends 23Wx15Hx16D Contains Sets 41311 and 41314

5 : LEGO Friends  23Wx15Hx16D Contains Sets 41328, 41335, 41340 (HOT, Friendship House to be retired this year.}

6 : LEGO Friends 23Wx15Hx16D Contains Sets 41094, 41095. 41097

7 : LEGO The LEGO Movie 2014 23Wx15Hx16D Contains Sets 70805 x 2 and 70808

8 : LEGO Elves 23Wx15Hx16D Contains Sets 41073 and 41075


If you would like to Have more pictures please message me, I can do that. 

If you would like to make an offer please message me, I may be able to do that. I will consider offers on 1 or all of these items.


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