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Brickheadz 2020

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Invisible Man Brickhead is just 4 pieces - here's a leaked picture of the set:

40422 Frankenstein

https://www.promobricks.de/lego-75317-brickheadz-mandalorian-yoda-baby/94910/ Official images have surfaced. Definitely an investment winner, although to me it looks like Baby Yoda was sitting on

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6 minutes ago, CosmicSpeed said:

These sets look awesome, especially the Lucky Cat...but I dont think the hand moves, which is a bummer but easy fix.

Wasn´t lucky cat in that Friends song? Could make a nice bundle with the ideas set.

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9 minutes ago, CosmicSpeed said:

40377 - Donald Duck

40378 Goofy & Pluto

40379 - Valentines Bear

40380 - ?

40383 - Bride

40384 - Groom

40412 - Hagrid & Buckbeak

40418 - Falcon & Black Widow

40419 - Hogwarts Students ??

40420 & 21 - Minions

40422 - Frankenstein

40425 - Nutcracker



OK, where is Daisy Duck?  Also, if any character was  made for Brickheadz, it's Frankenstein.

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Not for me.  Currently selling at 29.97 free ship on eBay.  After fees etc that nets me a $3 loss.
How is your shipping cost that high? Most dual boxed brickheadz are somewhere between 13-15 ounces with the boxes I send mine in. Still first class prices.

Granted, that would only save you $3 or so and still put you in the minus. Just $8 shipping for a brickheadz seems very high.
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