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My 1st trip to the Big Store

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So this was my 2nd trip to Legoland (Ca), but I didn;t get a chance to go in the last time. We also did Brick O Treat, BTW, which was lame.

Initially it felt like Nirvana from an AFol perspective in terms of seeing all the sets on shelves with many of new premier sets on display.  But once i started seeing the prices it was more of a meh from a reseller's perspective...I didn't want to get in trouble so I purposely did not bring my wallet...once the boy heard that he spent most of his time reading LEGO books.

I mainly focused on trying to see what TOOS sets I could find and really the only one that caught my eye was UCS Hulkbuster.  Saw plenty of BHz LAdy Liberty, but I didn't see the TV Series Friends set. The whole epxerience was like looking at a comprehensive LEGO catalogue of current sets but "live", nice to see the actual boxes. It's also kinda weird that the store does not treat any of the "big sets" like the MF or Star Destroyer any more differently than their $20 sets...just sitting on the shelf...no hoopla. The store showcased the Hidden something series (close to Halloween) and Disney castle and train sets. 

I walked away being impressed w/ the Jurrasic PArk UCS T-Rex (great display item), Mars Rocket transport (boy's Christmas Present), Technic Range Rover (Big heavy box) and the Disney Train set

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