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71026 - Minifigures - DC Super Heroes


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2 hours ago, zskid00 said:

I know the DC action figure license is transferring from Mattel to McFarlane in 2020, though I think Mattel is still retaining the DC license for Fisher Price.  Perhaps something changed for LEGO to be able to do these now.

I think DC license transferring to McFarlane is almost cooler than the Lego fig news :D

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16 minutes ago, uaford said:

Who is that guy with the bat on the front of his suit in the middle in black and grey?  I haven't seen him before in Lego. ?


He's got purple hands and really pointy ears, so probably the original comics debut of Batman from Detective Comics

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1 minute ago, Darth_Raichu said:

And blue batarang.  Wasn't there a Batman series in 90s with him in really long ears? I never liked the art style

Oh  man, so many Batman in the day. Maybe you are thinking of Batman Beyond?  Still nothing stands up to the old Animated Series.

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6 minutes ago, Darth_Raichu said:

Sorry I meant comics series. Batman was drawn all skinny and screwy with long ears

Oh yeah, I remember those. Can't recall the artist  off the top of my head, but that was during the Knightfall and Batman being broken by Bane time period.

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10 hours ago, Darth_Raichu said:


Some classic comic book character designs here. Now that's old school.


7 hours ago, Alpinemaps said:

Kelley Jones was the penciler.



Holy shat, I have that exact issue for some random reason. I can't remember the crazed convict's name, just in this story he had a group of women hostage with the police force outside and every single mark you see on his body was self-inflicted as in with each kill he used his knife to "keep score". A sick f*** indeed.

On a side note I want to say around the back of this issue in the section where people could mail in questions and the staff would respond, someone had asked about the penciling & inking process. They showed an original rough sketched panel followed by the same scene done by three different inkers. Though the scene was essentially the same, each one's specialized style gave it such a unique appearance. The difference in the details between them always stuck with me.

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Hello Brick Pickers, 

For those interested in the collectible minifigures line, we will be offering a pre-order of those now. We offer this at a discounted rate to members here with order fulfillment through PayPal.

Details are as follows:

Box - $204
Set - $68

Free domestic shipping ($25 and $10 international shipping respectively). Shipping late January.

Please DM with your PayPal email address and quantity desired for an invoice.

Happy holidays,

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