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Great Amazon.com Sale for Lego Carousel 10257 set


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Hello Lego fans,

link = https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072MHYHXJ/

As reported by members this morning and online discount sites, Amazon.com has an EXCELLENT sale today on Lego's Creator Expert Carousel set.   
It is also likely a set that will be retiring soon so buy it while still available.

35% off
$129.99.   (Retail Price is $199.99)

Like many AFOLs, I purchased one set today along with both optional Power Function parts (88000 and 8883) for automatic play.  The kids will love this,  

As some folks may remember, 10257 was somewhat of a refresh for the hugely popular 10196 Grand Carousel from 2009 .




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I'm somewhat hesitant to buy from Amazon anymore since my last 3 orders arrived with just shipping labels slapped onto the product box. The sets were naturally damaged and had packing tape wrapped all over them. I've ordered LEGO from Amazon for well over a decade, and never had this problem until recently. I'm hoping this is not the new norm...

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This promotional price was there and gone rather quickly, I'm curious what drove this particular sale (as opposed to so many others) to get posted to the main BrickPicker homepage, especially as quickly as it was gone.  Seems like most of the homepage posts are about reviews or releases.  I realize the post about 25% off the USC millennium falcon is still there but that is the largest Lego set to date.  A sale (25% off) against a set with such notoriety is easier to rationalize it getting homepage attention.  In comparison, 35% off a $200 set, even with it being Creator Expert... isn't quite apples-to-apples.

I miss the BrickPicker investing videos, we haven't had one in a while!


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I ordered a bunch (but less than 20) of these from Amazon and I got a whole variety of shipping methods...

Most came in their outer LEGO box and 3 of them inside a larger Amazon shipping box.

One package I got had 3 loose not in the LEGO box and one in the outer LEGO box all packaged in one larger Amazon box.

Then, I had 1 where they just slapped the shipping label on the outside of the LEGO box and sent it. It was torn, crushed, destroyed, etc. Amazing that nothing (as far as I can tell anyway) fell out of the box.

So, it really is just a crap shoot with how Amazon decides to ship them. Frustration Free got me all 3 shipping options. Although, I also didn't choose at checkout to have it shipped in a separate box. I'm not even sure I know where that setting is, but I'll be looking for it from now on!

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