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To buy a Box or Not (series 19)

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Couple questions to the Knowledgeable folks here. . . . 


Where do you go to buy a full box of Minifigure Series?

Is it worth buying the whole box?

Is it worth just sitting in the store when they come out and feeling through about 30 bags until you figure out you have them all?


Thoughts? (Or link me to a thread where this has already been discussed - although im curious of an update on where people plan to source a WHOLE box for the upcoming series and possibly Disney 2 series.)

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It depends what your goal is. Resale, buy a box. Collect a series (depends how much your time is worth and how well you can smoosh.

For me, with either goal, I'm always buying a box. I can smoosh at home if I desire to make sure, and not have to be the old man in the toy aisle feeling up poly bags.

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i can't claim to be knowledgeable but i am avid!

i did the pre-order for disney series 2 (minifiguremadness, great site don't get me wrong) but i waited awhile for them to be delivered from ireland.

minifigures plus is also overseas so there will be a slight delay from the stated early september shipping. 

i have yet to source a US seller of whole boxes. i've read about brickbros on ebay and bricklink but the price is higher/no guaranteed delivery.

like iahawks550 said "resale, buy a box" it will be your lowest cost per.

if you just want the whole set to collect i would recommend various online sites as the prices are basically retail.

i am looking for early availability so i'll be checking walmart where the stockers put items out before they are supposed to.

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I'm not surprised LEGO is trying to sell the Disney series 2 minifigs by the box. IMO, series 2 is really underwhelming because of the ducks and reskins of Mickey and Minnie from the ideas set. Hopefully this is not a one-time thing and LEGO offers to sell complete boxes of their minifigures series moving forward. 

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