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IKEA Bygglek coming 2020

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My observations as an AFOL and father of a 7 year old:

Kids this age do not like building from already sorted bricks...it's like their minds need to SEE ALL THE PARTS to be able to free construct

multiple build projects are going on at any given time

kids love building on the floor

That said, the ideal play/storage solution for a 4-7 year old:

Multi level table (top for building, lower levels for storing active build projects) with pull out clear storage drawers (one desginated/sized for Minifigs Ofcourse) and a pull out/roll out play rug (think trundle bed)


LEGO and IKEA...make it happen

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IKEA is generally cheap but stylish. LEGO is just flat out expensive. I’m guessing we’ll get some type of play table with plates and branded storage totes.

What I’d love to see is modular play with multiple surfaces that are build able and interchangeable base plates that are thematic.

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I like it. I think it's nice for kids or people with just a few thousand parts max. That's clearly the target group of this product. 

For a serious collector, who has to organize hundreds or thousands of lots & keep track, see through stack-ons remain the best. It would have been cool though if IKEA had made something useful like that.

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