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Lot Legoland city - Portugal


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Hi everyone,

I saw an ad for a big lot for vintage Legoland sets, owner states that 1) all you see from the photos is what I will get and 2) he doesn't know if all sets are complete, but from other ads I could check the completeness of some of them (6380, 6394, 6395). He also will offer around 20 baseplates as per photos. The sets are:

6374 - unknown condition, seems complete as by the photos
6380 - original box and instructions, complete
6385 - unknown condition
6392 - unknown condition at the moment, photos don't show much
6394 - no box, instructions and 1 minifig different from original
6395 - no box, instructions, complete
7745 - unknown condition at the moment


LEGO LOT PRICE CALCULATOR  estimates around € 456.47 for the used sets in the EU region.

Brickfolio on the other hand estimates 475€ for all sets.


So, what should be the value of this lot? I will ask for a few opinions before stating the asking price, if you guys don't mind. There's also more photos but there's a limit her eon the forum.

Big thanks in advance!






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I do notice a handful of missing parts on sets that I'm familiar with, but they are basic.  The condition from the photos appears to be very good.  I would try to get the best price possible but at the same time wouldn't lowball too much because a) there are many more sets here than the ones listed, and b) the extra base plates are worth well over $100 (if not $200) as well.  

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Thank you for your input. There are 2 things that concern me before I call him:

1) the state of 7745 (the crown jewel without doubt), don't know if it's working but there are extra tracks there.
2) how many of the extra sets will be complete (I'm guessing he doesn't have them assembled if and when I will drive to meet him.
3) tbh, I cannot even see extra sets, apart from the 3 Space ships and 2 boats next to the F1. The playmobil figures and the technic Truck are already sold and therefore not part of the deal.

For resale maybe I would have only a very small profit, if at all. From what I see, demand for vintage sets is not much these days and the prices reflect that in terms of the law of supply and demand.

33868333208_a3bba69d29_o.pngbrickfolio by -=j/\m=-, on Flickr


I'm guessing that the time for nostalgic Legoland AFOL'ers have passed, I mean it's almost 2020!

I've added 4 new photos but my untrained eyes cannot see the quality condition you reckon.
The initial stated price was 600€ but went down to 550€ and is now 500€, maybe he needs the money. Since I just started at the hobby maybe I'm just jumping the gun based on my nostalgia.. Though one already :)


40778743143_d7be5516d7_o.png07 by -=j/\m=-, on Flickr

46828667345_81f19ba63a_o.png06 by -=j/\m=-, on Flickr


47692555622_27177c4960_o.png05 by -=j/\m=-, on Flickr


40778743253_24a214912f_o.png04 by -=j/\m=-, on Flickr

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