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2019 BRICKPICKER LEGO Raffle to Keep St. Paul School Strong!

Ed Mack

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2 hours ago, BricksBrotha said:

Is there a specific time in mind for drawing the prizes? Would be fun if there was somewhere the participants could follow live.

Tomorrow night at 11:59 PM Eastern time is last time to buy tickets.  12:00 AM Eastern (Wednesday) is when raffle winners are drawn automatically by Rallyup.  People usually get involved in the last minute and follow along on this thread.  Take a look at the past raffle threads and you will see some great action and responses...

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5 hours ago, LegoMan1212 said:

Odds on the Falcon appear to be the solid.  My wife might divorce me if another one of those shows up on my doorstep. 

I'm willing to risk it, come on baby, pull my number!!! :) 

The Falcon is one of the least bought tickets.  

6 hours ago, Dealinator said:

Maybe I missed this, but are all of the sets new except for the "pre-owned" Grand Carousel?


Right.  The Grand Carousel was my personal set.  

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On 4/19/2019 at 9:02 PM, Pebble&Park said:

Alright everyone, one month until the close of this thing. I'll break the ice on adding some sweeteners on top of these amazing prizes. I will offer up this - for each raffle winner that has donated at least $100 between ticket purchases and regular donations (in any combination), I will add their choice of any one of the following options to their prize (all are new sealed):

- 10259 Winter Village Station

- 40289 Mini Harry Potter Diagon Alley

- 41624 AND 41625 Mickey and Minnie Brickheadz

- 41317 Friends Catamaran

- 40334 Mini Avengers Tower

- 75227 Vader Bust

If the total money raised tops last year's total (just over $40k), I'll give this bonus to all raffle winners, regardless of how much they donated.

Get out there and get some tickets!

Don't forget this wonderful BONUS to all people who donate at least $100.00 and win any of the raffles. I will improve this offer by offering a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card to each winner that donates at least $100.00 in total across all the raffles!!! 


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8 minutes ago, redghostx said:

Gave what I could and I see that you're over $25K now; I am hopeful that additional last minute donations can help push this to 30K.

Thanks to everything that Ed and Jeff do (and the community)


Thank you!  I am very pleased with the response this year.  I know any sort of charity raffle or event loses its luster after a few years and it gets harder to reach past levels.  Every year so far I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of people from around the world.


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