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Good evening from Tennessee!

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Guest TabbyBoy


Regarding where to sell, I'd make sure that you're using the correct category, thus:

Toys & Games > Construction & Building Toys > LEGO Building Toys > LEGO Complete Sets & Packs

From personal experience, I prefer to sell larger sets locally to save on postage and smaller sets Worldwide. I'm not sure if you've heard about eBay's Global Shipping Program (GSP) or not. GSP makes things easier (in theory) for the seller, but passes on a rmuch higher shipping costs to the buyer resulting in less sales however, they do the customs declarations for you. Due to issues that I can't go into right now, I no longer use GSP and just ship via normal/tracked Airmail which is reasonable for something no bigger than say, a1KG (2.2lb) parcel. In the UK, I just fill in a simple CR22 customs form and stick it on the box, no issues so far. Make sure you ALWAYS put the correct price on the form and don't let the buyer make you put a lower value. This is fraud, plain and simple. If the buyer insists on a lower value, cancel the sale, report it to eBay and block them!

If you want to sell expensive sets, make sure that you check the buyer's feedback thoroughly and make sure that the shipping address is verified and that "Seller Protection" is mentioned. You won't win a case via eBay or PayPal if otherwise. Unfortunately, there are scammers lurking on eBay which is why I no longer resell expensive sets as it's heartbreaking to get scammed on a £650 75192 MF for example. All a dishonest buyer has to do is say it's not as described, open it, put a load of fake bricks i the box and sent a photo to eBay. It's a worst case scenario, but I know of people it's happened to. Don't ever be afraid to pick up the phone and call the buyer if you smell a rat. I sometimes even say, "I'm passing by your area next week, can I drop it off?" and test the water that way to see what their response is.

I hope this helps and I'd expect a lot of US members to chime in soon, good luck!


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