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non-Lego Harry Potter licensed collectibles (on sale at Targets)

$20 on joe vs dan

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If you guys hav ebeen hitting the walmarts and Targets...you may have also noticed all the various Harry Potter line collectibles (White box w/ fancy gold-like fringe)...almost worse than Disney in terms of how many different items there are.

just curious what folks think of them...probably too early to gauge any valuation.

The Surprise box wand...$19.99 seems to me like the best collectible (search for the elder Wand and all that)...I saw a few discounted at $15 today at target.

I also saw the dolls (like barbie size and quality) for teh first time...also on sale for $15...would have gotten a Harry, but only had Hermoine, Dumbledore, and Ron and the Teacher Mcgronigle(sp?)

I picked up their Wizard's Chess set since my kid is into chess...$20 at 50% off...really solid and detailed pieces (but plastic I think)

I also saw the Sorting Hat (that talks) and giant figures of Niffler (sp?)

All Rubbish???


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People love Harry Potter stuff, but I'm not sure people will love that Harry Potter stuff. There was some really overproduced junk for this last movie. A movie that wasn't overly popular. Every Wal-Mart I have been to has had the same stuff you are describing, in large quantities, sitting in the clearance section. People weren't buying it.

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IDK...very few toy product lines take off on their premiere...this was all very new. During the CHristmas shopping period, I came across them and my first thought was...wow..cool...but, like you said, so many choices, that I had to be selective.

also the placement is kinda weird...away from toys and with the electronics and gaming aisle.

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