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UCS Slave 1 Great Deal?

Raf H

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1 hour ago, iahawks550 said:

Lol. They've sold 9 at that price in the last 24 hours. Great deal if you want to not receive the product and spend your time getting your money back. Never trust a person that can't format a picture correctly.

Hacked account with a highly ironic username.

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Guest TabbyBoy

You'll also see a scammer in Manchester (darr-henm with a VERY poor 87.5% feedback rating) who's sold a lot of UCS sets £99.99. I've reported it a few times and the listings keep on coming. Personally, I'll not buy off anybody with less than 98% feedback, who can't be bothered to take a half decent photo or sells for well under the typical selling price. Even though you're covered, it''s a ball-ache to get a refund sometimes.

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