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The way LEGO has changed my life (Need your support, LEGO IDEAS)

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Dear LEGO Fans,

I want to share with you my story, more precisely - The way LEGO has changed my life.

It all started more than three years ago, When I reached the accomplished age of 30, I had to go under open heart surgery, due to a birth defect.

The time has arrived, I started feeling bad, had difficulties breathing, going up the stairs…it started to be hard functioning, and just a year earlier, I became to be a proud father of amazing twins. I was devastated thinking about all the risks and complications involved in the surgery. It was certainly needed, it was necessary in order to promise me and my family life and future.

I was always an anxious person, due to my physical condition (heart valve failure) there was always a concern and worries regarding my health.

When I was a child, probably five years old I received my first LEGO set. I still remember that police station set and the ones that followed. I used to organize it neatly on my shelves, allowing myself to take only one favorable item at a time, when I wasn’t there with all of them. Playing and imaging, creating spirit and life into these magical blocks. It used (and still)j to relax me, giving me a subtle way to create and focus myself in different, but reality-like, dimensions or platforms.

I have giving up this lovable joy when I was in my early adulthood. I have discovered new hobbies, stored my blocks in a big box and kept it away in storage but always near my heart. Funny how it came to be that literal- keeping LEGO near my heart.

In the 8th of September 2015, 13:30 pm, I was 'under the knife', getting my valve replaced with a mechanical one (still ticks wonderfully).


The surgery was successful but unfortunately, and take my word for it, when you busy worrying continuously about things that can go wrong, they usually will go wrong. I have basically suffered most of the complications possible after such a procedure.

I found myself being repeatedly hospitalized, increasingly depressed and surely disabled, gradually gaining the ability to walk for longer periods, exercise, resulting in long hours sitting, even longer period being home bored and as I mentioned - feeling sad.

When I laid in bed in hospital, during my third hospitalization and last, a recollection of me spending time building and creating with LEGO crossed my mind. When I got finally released, a big old box with blocks awaited me back at home.

Once again, I found myself spending hours building and creating, progressing physically and mentally, in life and in LEGO.


Today, I'm 34 years old, happily saying & sharing that I truly turned my LEGO hobby into a successful full-time job. I create different mocks from my good new & old blocks, experience, creativity, technical, electrical, emotional knowledge. I challenge myself to get better, realistically and close to life as possible. I enjoy creating and taking care of all the little details- so my MOCS is an attempt to create a new surprising world of possibilities and experiences, ones that will hopefully cherish near your HEART.

My dream is to follow my heart and to succeed internationally, to share my creations world-wide, trough LEGO-IDEA projects and here is where I humbly request your HELP.

If you like my work please vote for my creation in LEGO IDEAS and help me bring my dream to life.



if you already been that kind (also patiently reading my story), I want to sincerely thank you, and bravely ask you to continue SHARING my link and my LEGO 'near heart' life story.

You can follow my other LEGO creations in my FACEBOOK page as well.


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