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Super Heroes 2019

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New promo, when will this be available?

40343 - Spider-Man Far From Home Minifigure Pack

Lots of news today. https://www.marvel.com/articles/movies/sdcc-2019-all-of-the-marvel-studios-news-coming-out-of-hall-h-at-san-diego-comic-con

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16 hours ago, Alpinemaps said:


Fury was in the trailer.


I liked the trailer...the Spiderman franchise is showing good things by bringing in b-actors/actresses for bad guys 

after seeing the recent Captain Marvel ( liked it but it was more of a tie in movie  leading to endgame than a standalone "blockbuster" action flick); Mar-Vel really doubling down on Nick Fury.

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1 hour ago, Alpinemaps said:

First one of those I'm actually interested in picking up.  I like Ned.

Loved the delivery of his impromtu responses to urgent situations:

like when he was caught in the computer lab during the prom: "uh...porn"

like when he had to distract the other students in the school bus: "We're all gonna die!"

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6 minutes ago, Darth_Raichu said:

Where is the "Girl Avengers Assemble" set?  8 minifigs + a small hill, sounds like a great idea for $90 set :money:


People in the Reddit Lepin thread said said LEGO are fascists and wouldn't do such a thing.

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