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Looking for a local buyer (I hope)


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Ok I have two components to sell off

first one is the new creator houses

i have 8 31068

i have 2 31069

i have 2 31067

looking for 300. You can make an offer but I think it’s fair

the other lot I have is every lego batman movie set that was made including the magazines the foil packs a case of both minifigures and anything else that was batman movie related. They are not in minto condition. They are some creases here and there no tears and nothing has been opened. I even have the lunchbox that comes with the dvd. So looking at retail I’d say 2000 and that would give you everything else free and ncluding the minifigure cases and polybags and the books. So I think it’s a good deal. Would prefer local but I already have half of it boxed up so I assume I can ship it 

I’m in the Chicago area

I’ll post pictures when I get home if anybody would like 

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Ok so I looked over everything for the batman movie stuff and they mostly look great. I counted 4-5 sets with creases. The two face demolition is the worst of the bunch with creases on the bottom. The ultimate batmobile has a few creases also. Everything else is minimal. I did the math count on the sets alone and minifigures and it came out to 2040 not counting and polys magazines,etc.  so I’m looking for 1750. I think it’s a great deal for a really serious batman fan. I can ship it also but I would want someone to cover half the shipping cost 

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I’m almost done selling off my inventory and I got a few items left. I’ll take what I paid on them at this point

3x LEGO Creator pirate roller coaster 70 each

6x Walmart Black Friday Creator box 20 each

2 bricks on a roll 60th anniversary 25 each 

3 Disney Moana voyage 25 each

5 catcycle chase 70902 10 each

2 nasa women 30 each

3 ant man and wasp 15 each 

1 sealed box of LEGO Batman movie minifigures 200

I’ll take another 10% off if someone grabs it all

i am a half hour to an hour away from the city and most burbs 


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