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1 hour ago, Clintonjoseph said:



could be interesting with all the coupons they always have, but i’m sure they will exclude lego [eventually].


Fixed it for you. Even retailers with experience selling toys forgot to exclude LEGO from coupons when they moved into a new marketplace, like Target on Google Express.

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The fact that there's so many exclusions on that coupon reminds me of something that happened to me at Target the other day. Was buying cat litter and there's several big sales signs taped to the front of the shelf that says "BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ALL CAT LITTER" .. and then at the bottom in tiny print *excluding Tidy Cats. Well, the thing is Tidy Cats made up like 60% of the section and one of the signs was placed right dab in the middle of it. For anyone who doesn't have cats, Tidy Cats is one of the higher end brands that makes clump-able cat litter, that leaves basically no smell and scoops incredibly easy. All the other stuff is only a couple bucks but is a pain to clean out and doesn't cover up any smell whatsoever.  

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I've been using Silica Crystals for a couple of years now. Does exceptionally well for smell control and lasts a lonnnnnng time before needing swapped out. Some sweeping required from time to time, but it doesn't track much either. 


To stay on topic: I have a Michaels I walk past on my way for coffee every night at work. Will have to periodically check in, not many shops immediately nearby me that sell lego... assuming this is rolling out in Canada as well of course.  

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To confirm what's been stated in this thread, the Michael's coupons ALWAYS exclude Lego.  (For any Hot Wheels fans, they also are always excluded.)  The best bet will be to purchase a giftcard at a discounted percentage.  

Just a comment from a longtime lurker who tries to save a few pennies on Legos.

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