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Can you help ID these tiny things?



I'm going through my first purchase and have a few mysteries. The lot weighed about 11 pounds and had many manuals - mostly police stuff, ninjago, star wars, pirates... I've been able to almost complete a bunch of sets although the city sets are not close to being complete. After sorting and bagging what I could, I'm left with a lot of stuff. These are the pieces I'm trying to ID now. Especially that green thing - is it even lego??

thanks for any help you can give this newbie!!



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Top two figures are star wars droids, tan one is generic, found in many many sets. The dark one should be easier to source the original set as they’re far less common. The two red things, if I’m not mistaken, are the punching gloves for the Boxer CMF???

The two box looking things under the red parts are parts to stormtrooper outfits.

The rest does not appear to be Lego.

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