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41619 - Darth Vader


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13 hours ago, CosmicSpeed said:

Ive built this. Its alright, but I wish they would have given the eyes better treatment, like the stormtroopers/Phasma. This one just looks too Stewie Griffin. I prefer models with hair details.

Oh my goodness, it does look like Stewie as Vader. Haha.

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Lego Brickheadz have had a bit of an oddball reputation recently.. with end-of-year (2018) rumors swirling about the termination of the product line which was promptly followed by (not only) the continuation of the product, but the current secondary-market frenzy of the exclusive The Lego Movie 2 models. It's hard to argue that this specific niche of LEGO collectible lacks, at least in part, the ability to turn the sticker price into a bit of return though there are plenty of examples where this is simply not the case as well.

I wanted to get some insight from you fine folks as I can't seem to get off the fence on this one..

Shop-Lego currently has the Brickheadz Darth Vader listed at a discount price of 7.99, 20% markdown from it's retail price of $9.99. I have been examining the current market prices of the past Brickheadz Star Wars sets, and for the most part, I am seeing a nice safe shelf-price range of 13-19 currently for the average model (not including the high-demand items such as Boba Fett) that have come and gone before.. 

Not only does there seem to be a markup of at least 40-50% once they are no longer available via retail, this particular character is a mainstay original character--I mean it's Darth right? What Brickheadz Star Wars collection would be complete without this guy? The set is also incredibly AESTHETICALLY pleasing in my opinion as they captured the classic character quite well.

I honestly feel at this point that the set is currently undervalued but I want more opinion as I am not really a savvy collector of this line of LEGO.

How do others feel about this?




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44 minutes ago, TabbyBoy said:

If only 75111 had the same appeal as it's still failing to reach 0.5x RRP ;-(

If they had not remade it or had only produced it for 3 months with limited distribution, then it would have been another story. Look at how the Darth Maul or Boba Fett buildables are doing for proof.

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