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Inherited Legos



I recently have inherited over 1000 new sets of legos from the 1990's to 2016.

They were from an estate of a gentlemen that bought them and hoarded them.  I have been looking up the value of them on this site.

As someone who is new to lego's, other than buying them for my son's.  What is the best way to sell them?  There are lots of Star Wars of sets,

Holiday Trains, Green Grocers, Corner Cafes, just an overwhelming variety.  Any information would be so helpful.

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One of the early Brook Johnson videos on the Brickpicker homepage has a video comparing the various forums for selling sets. If you can get comfortable with doing Craigslist where there is cash transactions, that would be good, but can be a small market and probably pretty slow. Plus, make sure to never do the transaction where you are currently storing the sets.

Ebay you'll be dealing with 11% fees and 3% Paypal fees and all of the shipping costs.  Creating quality listings takes time. With the option for 7-day auctions, you can sell them in a short period of time.  Do your due diligence though and click on the "sold listings" box and sort by 'Recent first' to see trends for their current going price, method it sells by (auction vs. buy-it-now), and how often it sells. Your average AFOL isn't necessarily looking for a set from the 1990s, so be careful about setting up auctions for some sets.  Also, pay attention to what the starting price was, green grocers may get bidding wars that will allow you to start an auction at $.99, but other sets might get 1 watcher/buyer and you'll want to set the starting bid of those sets closer to the lowest sale price you'd be willing to tolerate.  Buy-it-now can be extremely slow, but you may want to consider that for sets that don't sell very often.  Look for selling advice about best times to start/end auctions.

Amazon isn't an option since a lot of us are gated out of selling LEGO on their site.

Bricklink is low risk and low fees (structured fees based on sale price + 3% Paypal fees).  If you're selling new, sealed sets, setting up a store and listing them is relatively quick and easy.  The site attracts other AFOLs and with a little caution to vet buyers with low reputation you can be reasonably confident that you're selling to serious buyers. But it can be slow. I haven't had much luck selling sets that way, but I'm mostly geared toward ebay sales for complete sets.

Finally, for any of these methods, you get to deduct the fees, shipping supplies, postage, storage costs, etc. from the sales you report.  If the value could be significant, and you sell via Ebay or Bricklink with Paypal transactions, you might want to just go ahead and register your username as a sole proprietor business with the IRS and your state tax administration.


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Sell them to us as a no cost way to get rid of them too :) There are a number of us that are always looking for sets at or just below the going rates.

I do a significant amount of business between eBay and Bricklink and it has worked out well, especially if you have more than just 1-offs of most of the sets. Your location will play a big part in using local sales (Craigslist, Facebook, etc). I'm in rural upstate NY, so there aren't enough local people into old expensive Lego to make those options viable. Big cities seem to be the opposite.

There's a fair bit of time involved to see what the sets are actually worth, which varies by platform/website. If you want some quick sales with little effort, I would definitely post a list up here with what you are looking to get. Most of us are bottom feeders though, and won't pay Amazon or full eBay prices most of the time.

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Where are you located?

If you have no experience or interest in being a seller, I would suggest that you try to find a well established local seller of LEGO.

They can properly sell them,  retain an agreed upon fee, and after all the fees involved in selling, send you the remaining proceeds.

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