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Top Ten Largest Ever Sets

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Thought it might be a good time to revive this topic as we have seen a number of changes in the last two years and likely will going forward.

Top ten as of 21st April - including confirmed 2018 releases ranked by part count. I may take a look at box weights too a bit later.

1) 2017 - 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon 2.0 - 7541 pieces

2) 2017/2008 - 10256/10189 Taj Mahal 1.1/1.0 - 5923 / 5922 pieces

3) 2007 - 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon 1.0 - 5197 pieces

4) 2017 - 70620 Ninjago City - 4867 pieces

5) 2016 - 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse - 4634 pieces

6) 2010 - 10214 Tower Bridge - 4287 pieces

7) 2016 - 10253 Big Ben - 4163 pieces

8 ) 2018 - 10261 Rollercoaster - 4124 pieces

9) 2016 - 71040 Disney Castle - 4080 pieces

10) 2018 - 42082 Rough Terrain Crane - 4057 pieces

* The Chima megapack and lifesize X-Wing are not included due to not being commercial releases.


There should be another two new entries in the list with the rumoured Harry Potter and Star Wars autumn D2Cs.

Pretty amazing that eight out of ten sets are from the last 2 years and only the original Falcon can´t be bought this year.

No place in the list for any Death Star or Assembly Square, being too small.



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This is what the list looks like ordered by all time RRP. We can see a number of lower part count sets coming into the ranking based on price and box weight. Suddenly Big Ben doesn´t look such good value, does it?

How did 75159 cut 1.7 kg from 10188? I don’t have the newer version, but it looked like the same dimensions and more filler/small pieces, so I thought the weight would be the same at the least
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