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My name is Andy and I have been a lurker on BrickPicker for some time now and a Lego fan for years.  Although I haven’t posted, I have absorbed quite a wealth of knowledge here.  I have recently bought a rather large Lego Technic Lot.  I wanted to offer them here before putting them on eBay/BrickLink.  I got this lot recently from a liquidator who sold this for an AFOL who passed away a couple years ago.  Since I got this lot fairly recently, I have not fully sorted through and checked everything yet.  I will be constantly updating this post with new and sold inventory as well as general updates.

Quality and Completeness:
These sets were sitting for some time and were very dirty when I got them.  I have cleaned them all with mild soap and water.  After this, I noticed a couple of them have severe discoloration.  I have not done any hydrogen peroxide & UV treatment yet but will do so in the future.  Given this is the case, I will do my best to minimize the yellowing of those bricks but please don’t expect completely perfect bricks.  Besides the couple in poor condition, everything else is in great shape.  Normal wear should be expected but nothing out of the ordinary for sets of this age.  Most of these sets look to be complete with all the pieces but I won’t know until I go through them.  I am slowly checking but I will prioritize sets based on what people are asking for.  I do have large spare parts bins so will probably be able to complete most of these sets.  Manuals: have them all.  Stickers: expect wear or absence.  Some of the sets do have new sticker sheets but not many. Boxes: I have a bunch but not all.  Some in great condition but some not so much.  Plastic Trays: Some of the boxes have them.  You will have to check with me beforehand.  

I can provide photos of everything so you will know exactly what you will be receiving.

What I did to get most of my prices is to go on BL and find the lowest priced US seller for a comparable quality/completeness set and undercut their price by some.  A couple of the sets I do have priced a little high as I sort of want to keep them but if they sell then they sell lol.  I can provide slight discounts if you buy enough but do not expect anything major as my prices are already the lowest in the US.  Please do not contact me for a “bulk” purchase.

I am presently looking for used 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive and basically all the larger Ferrari models: mostly 8653 Ferrari Enzo 1:10, 8674 Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8 and 8145 Ferrari 599 GTB.

Payment will be only through PayPal.  PayPal Goods and Services is what I like to use because it protects both parties involved.  PayPal Friends and Family can be used if you’d like to save on the PayPal fee, which is 2.9% plus $0.30.  I don’t mind as it is the same money to me.  I am a trustworthy person and not a scammer but please do understand the risks involved.

I like to ship disassembled and separated by color or part type depending on set.  Most sets are already disassembled but a few are still assembled so if you’d like them assembled it may be possible to get them that way.  I am located in Northern NJ and I ship via USPS Parcel Select Ground and USPS First Class Package.  Local pickup is also available but would ask that at least $50 worth is purchased.  I can ship internationally as long as you pay for all fees involved. Prefer not to but open to it.  Buyer pays shipping at cost.

Contact and Quotes:
Please email me at [email protected]
BrickLink Store: https://store.bricklink.com/AGill98&utm_content=globalnav#/terms
Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/usr/petegil_5


# Name Price Notes
5533 Red Fury $60 Great Shape!
5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit $45 Good Box
8034 Universal Set $200 Great Shape!
8299 Search Sub $400
Box in Great Shape! Very Rare! Not from this lot but thought I might as well list it here
8052 Container Truck $190
Box in Great Shape! Has a ToysRus Sticker on it
8454 Rescue Truck $125
Box in Good Shape! Has compression marks from being crushed. Not that bad. Photos upon request.
6286 Skull’s Eye Schooner $2500 OBO
Not from this lot but looking to sell this beauty

Skull's Eye Schooner Link:


With Box:

# Name Price Notes
850 Fork Lift $50 No US BL sellers
851 Tractor $130 No US BL sellers
852 Helicopter $150 No US BL sellers
853 Auto Chassis $300 No US BL sellers
854 Go-Kart $75 No US BL sellers
856 Bulldozer $150  
857 Motorcycle $100  
870 Power Pack $30  
871 Expert Builder/Gear Parts $60  
872 Two Gear Blocks (Gear Reduction Kit) $25  
880 12V Motor $50  
5510 Off Road 4x4 $120  
5521 Sea Jet $120  
5550 Custom Rally Van $120 New Stickers!
6344 Jet Speed Justice  
Missing major components so not presently ready to be sold
8022 Starter Set $10  
8032 Universal Set $25  
8032 Universal Set $25  
8044 Universal Pneumatic Set $25  
8055 Universal Set $45
Ink Damaged Box Likely not worth shipping with
8074 Universal Set With Flex System $100  
8094 Control Center $200  
8229 Tread Trekker $20  
8232 Chopper Force $25  
8277 Giant Model Set $75  
8279 4WD X-Track $50  
8419 Excavator $20  
8422 Circuit Shock Racer $45  
8435 4WD $80  
8440 Formula Flash $60  
8445 Indy Storm $75 New Stickers!
8456 Fiber Optic Multi Set $60  
8459 Pneumatic Front End Loader $100  
8480 Space Shuttle $250  
8480 Space Shuttle $250  
8720 Motor Set 9 V $25  
8825 Night Chopper $10  
8832 Roadster $15  
8836 Sky Ranger $35  
8837 Pneumatic Excavator $100  
8852 Robot $70  
8856 Whirlwind Rescue  
Just have the box found. The rest may turn up.
8857 Motorcycle $150  
8859 Tractor $150 No US BL sellers
8860 Car Chassis $200  
8880 Super Car $220  
8880 Super Car $220
May end up keeping the worse of the two lol


No Box:

# Name Price Notes
5533 Red Fury $30  
5541 Blue Furry $50  
5542 Black Thunder $100 Want to keep it
5550 Custom Rally Van $55
Heavy Yellowing will have to UV clean
5563 Racing Truck $300
No North America sellers on BL
5580 Highway Rig $100
Will likely keep. Model Teams are just too hard to let go of
5581 Magic Flash $60  
8223 Hydrofoil 7 $8  
8226 Mud Masher $5  
8226 Mud Masher $5  
8417 Mag Wheel Master $30  
8420 Street Bike $100  
8437 Future Car $40  
8443 Pneumatic Log Loader $75  
8446 Crane Truck $75  
8457 Power Puller $150  
8458 Silver Champion $250  
8460 Pneumatic Crane Truck $110  
8462 Super Tow Truck $90  
8466 4 x 4 Off-Roader $200
Probably going to keep.
8660 Arctic Rescue Unit $50
Good amount of yellowing. May have two not sure yet
8855 Prop Plane $95  
8862 Backhoe $200
None in US. Dreaming at this price but don’t really want to let go for less at the moment
8872 Forklift Transporter $175 Complete w/ manual
8872 Forklift Transporter  
Built as the alternate build and is missing one of the vehicles created from it. Will likely turn up but not for sale yet.

I do have more sets without the boxes but I haven’t fully inventoried.  Look at some of the attached photos to browse and see if anything peaks your interest.

Thanks For Looking!  If there’s anything there you’d like there feel free to ask!  I hope to hear from you soon!







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