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Small Bulk Opportunity


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Looking at a small bulk lot and wanting to see if it is worth the time and money.

There are 2 tubs with lots of sets. Most with instruction manuals but they are all partially assembled and loose in the bins. There are at least 2 megablock sets mixed in based on the pictures of the instruction manuals he sent me.


He is asking $300 firm and just want to see what you guys think. 

There are a few sets I want for my city I am starting but the rest would be to resell.


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So after saying I was going to pass he sent more photos including bennys spaceship and 3 more unopened marvel sets. I ended up getting it. When I picked it up he threw in even more.

I just went through the manuals and there ended up being manuals for 63 sets including batcave break in. The batcave was mostly assembled in the bottom if the first bin I was digging through.

The bad part is there is even more mega blocks and I don't think any of the minifigs are put together right. I think I saw a Batman with a Spiderman head.

So while I may have to do a lot of work to get my $300 back there were a lot of sets I wanted in there. Even going by weight I am estimating between 80-100 ponds of lego. 

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Well was going pretty good.....

I separated out all the mega blocks and managed to sell them for $120. 

Started working on the sets and doing well but found out a bunch of the sets were glued. 

Still got my monies worth with the sets I wanted for my city and selling the mega blocks.  

The sets I wanted would have cost me 4-500 used so I think I still did well. Just have some more digging to do so I can build them. 

I enjoyed sorting while watching tv but we will see if I get another big lot any time soon.

Best find for me was batcave break in hiding in the bottom. The others I wanted were bennys spaceship, bike shop amd cafe, police station and fire hall.

Also managed to get I'm guessing over 100 minifigs. Some replicas but mostly official Lego. Since they will be just going in my city I kept most of the replicas for now.

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