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Is Lego Super Heroes A Good Investment.

The Builder


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I think in general few will be a good investment long term. There will be some outliers, which I think usually fall into one of two buckets.

One is exclusive minifigs. If there's a minifigure exclusive to a single set that isn't reproduced again, that can be valuable. The issue there is how popular the character is, and the likelihood it is produced again.

The second is short shelf life. This seems to happen less, but sometimes you get a set that comes and goes faster than a one year cycle, like the Ant Man set. 

I'm avoiding most sets these days for investment unless they are 50% off or more as some have mentioned. 

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54 minutes ago, Jackson said:

"Is Lego Super Heroes A Good Investment?"



Is any LEGO set a good investment?

No. Real investors would laugh at such a question.


Can one make minimum wage selling LEGO items?


they bumped up the min wage, so the answer to the third question is still No ?

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5 hours ago, The Builder said:

I think so, I'm a DC and super hero guy, and there are allot of new Lego super hero sets that are coming out. Like the Avengers Infinity War sets are already out at Amazon, Lego.com, and Walmart. So I think the super hero sets are an investment. 

What do you guys think? 

It's my favorite theme, and I thought it'd be a sure winner when the theme first started. What I didn't realize at the time was that it was going to stick around. I thought it was a come-and-go theme like movie-based ones (Lone Ranger, Jurassic World, etc). They must have the same Spider-man and Batman minifigures in a dozen sets. A set with a one-and-done minifigure like Deadpool might be the winner, but there's always the fear of remakes (thinking Hulkbuster).

I still have 2012 sets, like 6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City (back when I was happy buying at 30% off), that are going for under MSRP after 6 years. :(
Like others have said, the big factors are what minifigures are included and what you can get the sets for. I would've cleared shelves at 50% before, now it's highly debatable at that.

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20 minutes ago, thoroakenfelder said:

Who is a popular character that isn't getting hammered with re-releases or remakes? 

Roboticus?  No idea.  Don't really follow the franchise.  I recall the superman vs armor lex being decent bc it had Brainiac or whatever.  

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3 hours ago, Will 4 said:

No is the short answer but there may be one or 2 good sets per year.

I would look at the data for superheros if I was you remember that most of the sets get their value from the figs.

Completely agree with 'No.'

The target age demographic of the moviegoers is higher than the target age range of the LEGO sets.  Kids don't want to recreate the movies with LEGOs, and the sets do a poor job of recreating the movie, anyhow.

The biggest winner I can think of is Wolverine's Chopper Showdown that was $20 but goes for over $100, because of Deadpool who sells for $45 alone.  Totally concur with Will 4 when he said the value is in the minifigs. Oh, and Ant-Man Final Battle because of its short run gave people some good returns, I think.

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