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2017 - Summary of major events for investors

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Here´s a list to build on in order to sum up the most important events in the market and on the forum this year. Feel free to add any I missed. It´s in no particular order.

  • UCS Falcon and Saturn V release and supply drama.
  • Lego Group poorer financial results and change of CEO / laying off of staff.
  • @TabbyBoy returning to the game (and leaving and returning).
  • New themes such as Brickheadz,  Pirates of the Caribbean (return), Super Hero Girls.
  • Continued trend to wards bigger and more expensive D2C sets.
  • Amazon gating and increase in scams.
  • Facebook Marketplace consolidation.
  • Chinese clone consolidation with paid MOC designs,
  • Lego re-release of Taj Mahal.
  • Gingerbread House and the power of professional influencers to  create demand.
  • Assemby Square anniversary modular.
  • Death of Dimensions.
  • Deep discounts and oversupply.
  • TRU slow death.
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On 29/12/2017 at 7:48 PM, Villager Chris said:

Tesco and Amazon introducing buying limits on certain sets, especially on promotions / 3 for 2. 

I think amazon have had selling limits for years as have had to use multiple accounts for years.  Limited to 2 per week per account?  

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32 minutes ago, diablo2112 said:

Evolution of high-performing investment strategies, away from large exclusives to lower-priced, targeted sets and themes.    Example: Pet Shop continues to be a dog, while 2015 Speed Champions is now a stellar performer.

I think that has a lot to do with a simply psychology.. you are more likely to spend (in your eyes) "reasonable" sum that you dont have to think twice about (such as 80 USD) for something that cost previously just 15 uSD.. than to think four times over if 300 USD is a good deal for a set that originally cost 250 USD.. 

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