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New to Lego... Please help !

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Hey all, I am new to lego and I am in my early 40's.

I would like to build skyscrappers and would like to order the bricks that I need and not buy colourful lego sets.

Do you guys have any tips on where to start and what to do ?

Should I build using 1x4 or 2x4 ? What is the most economical way to build skyscrapers ? What's the most intelligent and cost efficient way to build with windows ?

Thank you for your time

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If you're just getting into lego and want to try out some of the cool building techniques, try one of the Creator Modular sets. If you don't want to shell out for a new one quite yet, check used versions. These models tend to use unique building technique; last thing you want is to spend a bunch on bricks and then have a building with no variation in texture.

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There’s a couple of MOC threads with lots of pics. Find one you like and find out more about it. A lot of the architects have websites where they teach their techniques.
The Creator tip CosmicSpeed Gabe makes sense too. Especially if you’re a beginner.

There’s a MOC of the twin towers that you can probably find. If that’s the scale you’re looking for.

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