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Ninjago 2018


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6 hours ago, Haay said:

This is interesting! The blue Stormbringer dragon set can be combined with Lego Boost to turn the dragon into a walking dragon! 

Glad they are finding ways to support Boost. It would get boring quick without developing new tasks, code, and add-ons for the thing.

Can you find ways to combine it with the factory configuration of Verne to make the dragon poop bricks?

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On 20-4-2018 at 8:05 PM, Alpinemaps said:


It honestly looks like it should go to Nexo Knights, and was recolored for Ninjago.


You might have a point there.


Those Dragon cannons look pretty good. Wonder what those wings are made of. Hope it is plastic and not paper. Kind of surprised they are following the new spinners so quick. These things had some life in them left.

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We were able to attend the Ninjago panel at San Diego Comicon the other week.  It was a lot of fun and we saw the designs for some new toys, as well as some previews of the upcoming animated season.  According to folks on the panel it does look as if the next season is going for a big of a "Mad Max" feel.  That was my sense upon seeing some of the previews, and at least one or two panelists confirmed that influence as well. 

We always love talking to the lego folks, here is a picture of our boys (one in costume, one in helmet), with a friend (stormtrooper helmet), and Vincent Tong, the voice of Kai. 



SDCC w Vincent Tong.jpg

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