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How to Validate a Lego Head



Complete newbie here so please bear with me.  

I recently acquired a lot of Legos.  I'm trying to sort through the legitimate ones from the fakes.  I understand there are basically three versions of standard head moldings.  The one with the "tri-bars" in the recessed part confuse me.  I cannot find the Lego logo on this type of head.  The logo is pretty easy to spot on the original head mold and the newer recessed ones.  

Is there a logo on this "tri-bar" type of head?  If so, where can I find it?  I even brought out the microscope for this one but no joy!

Thanks for any help.




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Guest TabbyBoy

Apparently, the hollow studs on LEGO heads are so that a child has a better chance of being able to breathe if it's ever inhaled or swallowed. Or... could it be that LEGO want to keep the cost down by using a little less plastic? ;-)

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Usually the fake ones do not have the tri bar at the top of the head. They have nothing it's just an open hole on the top of the Lego head. All the other detail is there, but the lack of the tri bar means that the Lego head is fake. Older Lego heads from the 80s do not have the tri bar and have the Lego symbol on top of their head. Unless the people you get Lego from purchase knockoffs online there isn't a high probability that you're going to find a bunch of knock off Lego Minifigures.


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