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Wall Mounting 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon (Progress Post)


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This will sort of be a "progress" thread so i will continue to share pictures through the process. Wasn't sure where to post this, but this seems to be a good spot for now.

As many of you know i wall mounted my bricklinked 10179 and posted it on these forums, it was a fun endeavor and a great way to display the monster. I've since moved to a smaller condo and now more than ever do i need the room. So i plan to (try) do the same with 75192. I managed to pick one up in store lining up at 6am or so and being 5th in line when my local store (Sherway) got a restock.

After about a week i have finally finished building it, and now it's time to start brainstorming how to overcome some of the differences. Overall 10179 and 75192 are pretty similar, i found myself recalling a ton of the build processes/techniques and 10179 while putting this one together. the one thing 75192 has going for it over 10179 is of course the enhanced details, but more importantly the build as a whole feels like it won't fall apart just by looking at it, but it does have it's weak spots.

My biggest problem with 75192 over 10179 is it doesn't seem to hide the gaps/cracks as well as 10179 does (at least from my recollection/pictures). I can look around the model and peer inside and see many of the rainbow colored bricks shining through, some in more obvious spots than others, but still i thought this being a $900CAD display/collectors model they would go out of their way to make sure this didn't happen. And maybe sacrifice build "ease" for aesthetics. Few pictures to highlight this below:








First step will be to install the LED strip to the back. I'm hoping i can use the old TV wall mount and just modify it, buying another and custom drilling more holes will be a pain. And the wall i need to mount this on is concrete, so i can't just drill this into a stud :( Going to have to find someone with a hammer drill.

Anyways enjoy the process and pictures as they come!


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8 minutes ago, lego rules said:

Have you considered mounting it at an angle like the Lego store did?

Thought about that, but i think since i have the materials and know how to wall mount it; it would be the better option for me. I do like how some Lego stores mounted it on it's side, but i'd need to like 3d print whatever it is they had, and it would likely have to be on a shelf, so this will look a little more "seamless" i think.

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On ‎10‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 9:20 AM, Sandwraith said:
Got the easy part out of the way - LED strip installed. Re-used the same strip from 10179 without having to modify it. I did of course have to modify the build a bit to fit the wiring without it being too obvious. Had to customize a side panel so it could go through the center, but it covered up pretty well. The strip does have a sticky back to stick it to something, but the pressure from the boat masts is enough to keep it in place with force alone.
Made a custom little "holder" for the power box on the interior, and the receiver for the remote is accessible from one of the greebling display holes in the model. Not much i can do about this, needs to be somewhere the remote can talk with it, but it doesn't look all that out of place. And when done it again looks great, this light usually stays on 24/7 and acts as a night light for the living room, so it hides the ugly backside engines a bit
Gotta say both this model and 10179 sure make it easy to access the interior to do modifications, all these easy to remove panels are great This LED setup does need to be connected to a power outlet, and last time everyone was telling me to paint the cord the colour of the wall, this time i will, but no i will not decorate the wall like the back of an ISD or a space scene
Special guest: Jumbo Tsum Tsum Jabba, he's so awesome,  makes a great couch pillow!

Next step will be prepping the set for mount "alignment", have to of course remove the whole bottom turret section, reinforce the frame, and make some adjustments to level out the frame a bit as i can already see some differences from 10179 where my current mount build won't work.



Where did you buy the lights? I would like to get it too. Thanks.


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Managed to basically get the mount to fit, it wasn't without it's issues..

Here's the mount and construction used for 10179:


Main problem with 75192 and 10179 is that the frame won't match the two L brackets, these brackets hold most of the weight, so i need them both to rest on the frame (gap illustrated below) I did already add a large technic beam, otherwise you would see straight through the model on the left bracket.


So i made a simple fill in with technic beams and plates:


Put in place (view from top and bottom):



I didn't have to change too much on the mount itself, the technic liftarms had to be moved around a bit, and i had to add a few more plates to the underside to make all the technic holes and pins line up properly. In the end this is what the "finished" mount looks like:




And finally here the falcon is fully attached to the mount and sitting on the table with all landing gear off the ground, center of gravity is good, and the frame isn't bending terribly and no parts are popping off yet.


Next step will be to "gravity proof" the set, as many of you know most of the panels and such and held in place by gravity, if turned on it's side some of these will fall off. Simple fix for many of the panels, but the center gun turret section will need to be completely redesigned as i don't have room to slot on the Technic liftarms it's built with, and the construction is a SNOT technique, so i'll need to do some brainstorming.

Enjoy your thanksgiving weekend Canadians! ;)

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Just about ready to get this thing up on the wall (or at least attempt it, never know what will go wrong when it's up there on it's side).

Did a bit of "gravity proofing" on parts i know will fall off, the rest will just be trial and error when i get it on the wall. Before i started all this i did a quick google search of wall mounting 75192 to see if anyone else had posted about doing it yet, didn't find anything, but i came across a review with Jens saying:

"I asked Jens if there was anything he couldn’t incorporate for structural reasons. He said no, but recommended against wall-mounting this Falcon to save space. Some of the panels fit as a result of gravity and friction alone, and would therefore fall off if the structure was mounted on a wall."

Anyways thought that was funny, it's not like it's difficult to fix that issue... if you go through the trouble of wall mounting it, getting panels not to fall are the least of your concerns :P

This is one of the small panels i know will fall off, so all you need to do is slot one of these yellow technic stud things on the other side of each panels "peg" of course have to do it when it's in place, but this is just to give an example. So i'll do this for any panel that decides to fall off, but i think many of them will be ok without it.


The most difficult was the top turret section, as mentioned i can't use the technic liftarms used on the section by default as there's no room for them due to the wall mount construction. So i had to redo how i connect this to the set. After a good hour or so of trial and error i came up with this design. Works perfectly and is amazingly still centered and low on the model. I was worried i would not be able to get it centered as perfectly as before, and that there might be a bigger gap, but it fits perfectly.




Almost there, next step is to get the holes drilled and the mount on the wall. 

Side note - for some reason i much prefer the design of 10179's cannons, there were a bit bulkier and meaner looking. 75192's seem a bit small and wimpy, could be more movie accurate, but still.

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Mount is on the wall! It's not perfectly level, but this hammer drill isn't exactly the easiest thing to make precise... This setup "should" hold up to 50 pounds, but i'll always be nervous putting these up for the first time, going to take basically every panel off to make it easier to start. When the arm is fully extended (it has to be to first put the Falcon on it) the weight on the end always concerns me.

Now I've got to clear the area and get it up there, hopefully get to that tonight.



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Guest TabbyBoy

Why not take a photo of it, frame the photo and hang that? Yes, I'm a genius and you're all saying, "why didn't I think of that?"

If you like my idea, feel free to donate some Ethereum to my address below:


Or... I've got a lot of MDF and 7mm acrylic sheet in stock so I'll knock up a coffee table when I get mine, during the next 3-for-2 sale perhaps? ;-)

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51 minutes ago, TabbyBoy said:

Why not take a photo of it, frame the photo and hang that? Yes, I'm a genius and you're all saying, "why didn't I think of that?"

Well dang, close this thread down!


And print it with that oldschool blue/red 3D effect with the 3D glasses for maximum viewing potential :D 

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2 hours ago, minicoopers11 said:

Looks amazing! Almost seems like this could be rotated to be a practical light for the room, but looks amazing as it is. Great job!

1 hour ago, TabbyBoy said:

It looks great, but you'll have to rotate your room 90deg so that it's flying horizontally ;-)

Thanks! and yup it can be angled/positioned in any way that a flat screen TV could mounted to it including horizontal. However i much prefer it like this to be on the safer side, and moving it around too much shifts things and makes concerning creaking sounds and the like. Plus side to the Technic vertical mount would be proper weight distribution. MILF's weight would rest on it's side on the bottom distributed across the bottom. With this all the weight is put right on the middle of the frame within a few inches, hence the creaking noises and such, Technic beam pieces slightly bending. Confident it will hold up though. The frame is stronger than 10179 and that was on the wall for a few years.

LED's are a tad bright to look at directly, but that's an interesting idea! The misses always turns the lights to pink or purple when i'm not looking...

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Thank you for putting this guide together. This is close to what I had in mind for my mount too. I'd like to mount mine in a vertical orientation with the way things layout. I have a dumb question though. I'm a newb when it comes to legos. Where do I get the technic pieces to build the mount from? I can't seem to find a set that includes the beams, and pieces that you used. Thanks!

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7 minutes ago, zoobla07 said:

Thank you for putting this guide together. This is close to what I had in mind for my mount too. I'd like to mount mine in a vertical orientation with the way things layout. I have a dumb question though. I'm a newb when it comes to legos. Where do I get the technic pieces to build the mount from? I can't seem to find a set that includes the beams, and pieces that you used. Thanks!

I think all of the Technic pieces i used were just parts i had on hand from my really old childhood sets. So i don't know the exact part names/numbers and whatnot, but you can use sites like bricklink.com to order a lot of these older pieces. 

Let me know how it goes! :)

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