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I'm so tired of sorting

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What sort of method are you using to sort by.... that pile looks like a headache to me! 

I would use your minifigures, or instruction manuals if you have them, to identify which set numbers are highly likely to be there (certain figs or printed parts will be unique to a set etc). 

Once you've got your list of sets you think are included, sort the identifiable assembled chunks into their respective piles.... anything left over you can't identify, dismantle. Then dismantle everything in their respective piles as well. 

Then use a tool like Brickstock, or a wanted list on Bricklink to create a list of the full inventory of the set in question..... then pick through and remove items from the list as you find them. Whatever is left over at the end are your missing pieces for that set. 


There's a bunch of work in the identification process and the dismantling process, but once you get to that point, putting the parts back with their sets is a relative breeze. I like to sort by colour and just dump a colour out onto a tray, I'll pick for multiple wanted lists at a time to speed things up. 

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One of my great triumphs was this.

Bought huge load of Lego on craigslist for $60.  Clearly from the couple photos, it was worth more than $60.

After several hours of work, ID'd a good 8 sets that were in there.  Downloaded instructions, sorted minifigs, circled some parts that were in there.  Took better photos of my documentation, listed set numbers, stated the risks involved, and included photos of some sorted parts.

Sold it all on craigslist for $400 to an empty nester guy who spends his evening sorting Lego.

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Bulk lot could easily sucks you in and in no time you spent lots of time sorting.
I had great success in buying a good lot which brick calculator shows the price is worth 15x. Lots of desired sets.
On another time bought a pretty cheap lot. After going through it and pull out couple hundreds of dollars of sets I want...I decided to sell as bulk due to old, dirt condition of the bricks. Still double my money....but to me for this lot my sorting time is better spend elsewhere.

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On 9/14/2017 at 11:48 PM, gregpj said:

Window and door are Fabuland parts. Everything but the wheels may be too... dunno what that's from.

These are actually both windows.

And you are right, everything else except for the wheels is Fabuland. The big yellow circle thing is used as a base for carousels as well as ferris wheel rims. The green ones are roof pieces (duh), the red one is the small Fabuland carousel.

Looks like there's a 3668 in there, contains the carousel base, 2 yellow/green roof pieces and the big blue window. Not sure about the other pieces though. I can't think of a set that contains more than one of them from the top of my head.

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