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What do you see in the boxes besides dust?



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If 3182 is complete it'll bring close to that. Plus that police station (forget set number at the moment) will get $75 ish, that lot is a buy at that price.


Heck, at that price you sell a couple of the trash sets to recoup your cost and keep the cottage... and give kids new bulk bricks.


I still see a cool plane and a Lego plane too.



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A lot of work and one plane.

The first picture has a lot of mega block. It really doesn't matter. The train tracks and what looks like a almost complete train and baseplates you could easily make you a hundred back and probably three or four hundred. Take your time. If you build sets the price drastically increases on eBay. But what I highly recommend is taking a sheet and dumping all the Legos on it and making sure there is no objects inside that you wouldn't want to send to a customer. I bought a lot of eBay ones and good thing I went through it before I started making listings. Hope this helps

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I'm sure we all have funny stories, but this find was more random than others.
I purchased about 8 lbs of older Lego that had been sitting in a garage. A lot of space stuff so my weakness....
Gosh darn it, they had a funky smell right off the bat. So bad I said forget it about stickers or anything else and put them in the washing machine. Better, but not good enough. 2nd time washing machine. After the 3rd time it was tolerable , so I start sorting...........

A CLOVE OF GARLIC in the box?!?!?!
Sorry, I had to tell that story. It's 1 am and I'm tired of seeing my MILF say backordered

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