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75192 - UCS: Millennium Falcon 2017 Guessing Game


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On 8/16/2017 at 2:25 PM, Alpinemaps said:

Let's have a little fun with the forthcoming rumored *cough* UCS MF.

So, let's play a little guessing game for bragging rights.

You need to post the following:

1. Number of parts in the set
2. Date the pics of the set will be leaked (US/EDT date will be considered the date)
3. List of minifigs that will be included (be specific, e.g., Hoth Han Solo, etc - note, BB-8 is a freebie)
4. Radar dish style(s):  OT, ST, or both

Your post can only contain those 4 items.  Keep the regular talk about the set in the main thread, please.

Edit to add:  Game is open until we have answers for each of these (duh!)

1. 10,278 (banking on tons of small parts)

2. 8/30

3. BB-8, 1st Order BB-8, Old Man Solo, Chewbacca, Old Lady Leia, 4 First Order Stormtroopers, Finn, Rey, Old Man Luke, Shiny New R2-D2, Red Arm C-3PO, "new Character from next movie x2"

4. TFA Dish

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1. 7288 parts

2. 29 Aug 10am EST

3. BB-8, Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-wan; C3-PO; R2; Princess Leia; Young Han; Young Luke (with blast shield helmet) Lando; Nien Nunb; Finn, Rey, Old Man Luke, Old Man Solo, Mynock

4. 2 dishes

5. Interior including Dejarik table; smuggling compartment

6. Commemorative momento marking launch and 40th anniversary


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