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21 used sets (2009-2013) mostly City Theme, Philly suburbs


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Hi all,

This is my CL listing for 21 used sets -- I'm north of Philly in Blue Bell.  If you or someone you know is into flipping used sets, there's opportunity here.  If you see this here and are interested, please put Brickpicker in your subject line when contacting me.


List below:

Set Number Theme Name Pieces Instruction Books?
3221 City Lego Truck 278 no
3222 City Helicopter and Limousine 267 no
4204 City The Mine 748 yes
4431 City Ambulance 199 yes
4440 City Forest Police Station 633 yes
7208 City Fire Station 662 no
7287 City Police Boat 172 no
7325 Pharaoah's Quest Cursed Cobra Statue 213 yes
7498 City Police Station 783 no
7573 Prince of Persia Battle of Alamut 821 yes
7633 City Construction Site 898 yes
7637 City Farm 609 yes
7641 City City Corner 463 no
7684 City Pig Farm and Tractor 256 no
7686 City Helicopter Transporter 377 yes
7738 City Coast Guard helicopter and life raft 445 no
7739 City Coast Guard Patrol & Boat Tower 444 no
7848 City Toys R Us City Truck 356 yes
8403 Creator City House 357 no
60014 City Coast Guard Patrol 449 yes
60016 City Tanker Truck 191 yes


lego lot.jpg

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