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75187 - BB-8


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Not a huge deal because the set looks good but...

Let me get this straight.  The Sandcrawler was an UCS set w/o the sticker plaque.   Same goes for latest 10188 Take II $500 set.

BB-8 isn't an UCS set but comes with the sticker plague. 

Ok, I'm good and totally understand TLG's logic :(

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Guest TabbyBoy

Since it doesn't appear to be UCS or exclusive, I'll pick one up at >50% off down the line. To be honest, I was expecting a dreadful set, but this isn't as bad as I expected.

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48 minutes ago, tacsniper said:

Love it! Can't wait to get one. This will be the hot seller this xmas?

Kids love BB8 and more than a few adults too. It´s the only desirable set that isn´t a rehash and the price point and play features are attractive.

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  • Overall, it is a very solid build. Every thing locks in nicely. It is basically the gimmick mechanics surrounded by technic bricks with all of the sides attached. Head is attached with one technic pole. Contains mostly white plates of varying sizes. Has quite a few of the 1/4 circle flat tiles in the set in white.
  • I don't have R2 anymore (otherwise I would have posted a photo), but this build had the same sort of feel, but was definitely more streamlined. I found the head assembly on BB-8 more solid than R2. Granted it is smaller but all of the pieces are locked in much better.
  • The thumbs up gimmick is smooth and works great. I wish the blue arrow tip tilted just a little more outwards like it does in the movie but that is a nitpick.
  • Head gimmick is good. Hard to control it since the dial on the side operates both rotation and up and down movement. I guess the idea is for his head to bob around a little like in the movie. Uses a single yellow elastic to achieve it. 
  • I am not a fan of the stand. It is basically a cross of plates with four slope bricks "holding" BB-8 in place. BB-8 is super solid standing on his own and the stand is really just decoration. No spelling errors on the sticker as far as I can notice this time. I always found display stands with name plates for anything to be quite silly. I mean if you spent all this money on the item, I would hope you would know who the character is. Would have preferred the specs in the manual like the other UCS sets in the last few years. The stand is probably only 50 pieces or so not a big loss, I won't be displaying it. Could have been cool if the made a sand Jakku base to go with it instead.
  • As far as I can tell, it is the same BB-8 minifig as the Force Awakens set.


I think this one is going to be very popular with kids and collectors. R2 was a great set, but this one is half the price and will be available at more stores (In Canada I could only get R2 from shop at home or Toysrus.ca). It also has the luxury of coming out in between two huge movies where as R2 was only riding on the Clone Wars cartoon at the time.

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