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I know the brick, but can you name that color ?





I'm assembling a Rebel Blockade Runner UCS (10019) and I'm running in some trouble to identify colors. Check the following pic





The 3 plates on the right are slightly more red than the 3 plates on the right. They both were sold as dark red. I've included a Red brick on top and a Tile Round 8x8 (6117) which i know is dark red on the bottom for comparison.


All plates seems to be legit Lego parts, could it be a shift in the Dark Red colloring over the years since it appears in this color in this set in 2001... But the color existed since 1961...


I want my set to be as close to the released set as possible, that's why I'm trying to identify colors...



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It just looks like they are faded. White bricks aren't the only ones that can change color over time.


Open a brand new set, put all the same colors together and you'll see a lot more variance than expected.


Your 8x8 looks like it's in rough shape.


PS Which right and right are you referring to?


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