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$100. Black Pearl and Queen Anne's inside.

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So I got into a bidding war with someone over FB market and ended up getting this lot for $100. Guy was originally asking $60. From the listing I immediately saw Black Pearl pieces (sails, hull pieces). The lot is easily 100 pounds.


Quickly going through I located 2 Queen Anne Sails ( I have a full set from last bulk lot I bought) and the Angelica figure (pieces for now) so I believe there is a Queen Anne's mixed in too.


Here's are some photos. Could anyone help with what other sets might be mixed in. There are no instructions or boxes.


The only nearly complete set was the Mil Falcon.


I was able to quickly located then Davy Jones figure but haven't found his beard yet.


Thanks a bunch. e0bba235e3f51c6dfd7712e18bb5f92e.jpg37e8affc155f47c8966cefebc43185d6.jpg8d81020839d2b3c35b64d2dd278024bc.jpg0f13094b4c855d2f4d01a70e00a0cf52.jpg1e6fd2ecbeef61c3a8e754c805123589.jpgc6e5ca23d33eb05e8d7eaa8825bff91d.jpg169b7cf202e19f179f3b6871dc0b0397.jpg78bb6d1c5fcbec1773f08f5661283f04.jpga1665030282dc7fb22c88e260dce3f0b.jpg3ae25d9261e5cf1a6b82ec2c5e8dec54.jpg66496307e08e7502f9798d7cc7ea445a.jpg764a02ad4f4c0fc5e962cd536e6217e1.jpg

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Wall section in the tub in the 2nd picture seems to be from 70404 King's Castle.


You've got some Crocodile Chima in there too ...


The presence of at least two of 62734 Plate, Modified 2 x 16 with Angled Side Extensions and Axle Hole (Rotor Blade) in Bright Light Orange indicates the presence of 2507 Ninjago Fire Temple, further corroborated by the presence of Ninjago minifigs in the last few pics.


The 3961 Dish 8x8 Inverted (Radar) in Dark Brown (visible with two red 2x2 round plates under it) is from 9449 Ultra Sonic Raider (Ninjago).


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First picture of a bunch of minis has the back of a Nute Gunray


which means Anakin's Jedi Interceptor 9494

The red tread and attached assembly in the first picture is from Warrior Bike 70501

This piece:


in DBG with that sticker at the bottom of the 7th picture is from Hyena Droid Bomber 8016

The white support in the side tub picture looks like its from 8404

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1 minute ago, MarleyMoose said:

It's all garbage. Send it to me and I'll refund you the $100 so you can save face......

I wont even talk about the $25 lot I missed after I got home from this getting this lot. I responded to the OfferUp post within 5 minutes of being listed.Lets just say I saw most of a UCS Sandcrawler and the manual... 9 large road plates an imperial star destroyer (6211), AT TE (7675) and a bunch of other sets...

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